Health Tips

From eddie cook

  • Drink Spring Water
  • Avoid Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Alternate anaerobic strength training days with aerobic cardio sweat days
  • Swim and sleep naked
  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Do not eat when you are not hungry, regardless of social pressures or boredom
  • Have no time limit on training sessions
  • Have more than one training venue


The road to living a healthier, better life.

60 is the new 40

50 is the new 30

30 is the new 25

But only for the 10% who seek it.

If you are here, you are probably one of the 10%

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The 3 Week Path to Transformation

Customized to your geographic location and circumstances.

  • 4x a week training days
  • 2 cardio/aerobic sweat days
  • 2 anaerobic strength training days
  • No Macro counting, no harsh diet
  • No clock on training time

1. Feel and notice results within three weeks

2. Become bitten by your new found power

3. Become self-motivated

4. Become consistent for lifelong health and fitness

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