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eddie cook, owner

Eddie Cook

A personal story which led to a mission.

I wasn't much of a physical specimen as a kid or teenager. No muscle or confident presence. I was a good baseball player because I followed the sport and had good natural hand-eye coordination. A wonderful thing happened for me at 17 years of age as a high school senior. A new coach fresh out of college came to work and coach baseball at our school. Unlike coaches of my past who were good at baseball related things, this new coach implemented a fitness aspect to our practices. We would run a vigorous 15-20 minutes and then do some aerobic work before we did anything baseball related. Over the course of about 3 weeks I started to notice changes about my body and self. I lost fat weight. I became quicker and more athletic. I ate better. I slept better. I got along with my parents and all others better. I developed self confidence. Girls started to notice me. I transformed from a slacker, soft, no direction kid to a fit young man with confidence and some toughness. I liked my new found power. I was bitten by the fitness bug and have been working, experimenting and adjusting ever since. Having evolved into my sixties, I hope to share this transformation with as many as I can.

I'm very proud of some mini-courses that I have created. One teaches to heal shoulder ailments. Learn Rubbing and Rolling and Flexing the Fulcrum to begin the end of your of your shoulder problems be it dislocation, impingement or frozen shoulder. Soothe and diminish pain. Gain range of motion. Prevent dislocation recurrence. Sleep more soundly. Then we have the Wicked Upper Body workout for advanced athletes. Much more than a chin-up-push-up routine. I challenge all to obtain long strong athletic arms, back and shoulders. Sexy tone and shredded cut at any age. Strong grip. Strong hands.

Also working with an FDA approved lab, I perfected a unique combination of Turmeric, Elite Multi- Collagen and then flavors with protein rich BCAAs to form a true fountain of youth dietary supplement.